OT Period Play-by-Play

  Columbus State vs. Catawba
  Date: Sep 09, 2021 • Site: Salisbury,NC

OT Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [100:00].
 Foul on Catawba.
[96:15]  Shot by CATW Helen Summerell, SAVE Sara Halilhodzic.
 Corner kick by CSU Brooke Ouimette [95:49].
 Corner kick by CSU Emma Beddow [94:29].
[94:01]  Shot by CSU Emma Beddow, SAVE Sierra Davis.
[92:02]  Shot by CATW Sydney Jimmo, SAVE Sara Halilhodzic.
[90:00]  CSU substitution: Lauren Barnes for Anna Grady.
[90:00]  CATW substitution: Sydney Jimmo for Jovana Sanchez.
 Start of OT period [90:00].