2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Chowan vs. Catawba
  Date: 11/20/17 • Site: Salisbury,NC (Goodman Gym)

2nd Period Play-by-Play
09:43CUMISSED LAYUP by Joanne WilliamsCATW 15 - CU 9(CATW by 6)
09:40CUGOOD! JUMPER by Dhyamond Crenshaw (in the paint)CATW 15 - CU 11(CATW by 4)
  ASSIST by Mariah Coker
09:33CUFOUL by Kaylah Henderson (P2)
09:20CATWGOOD! LAYUP by Terri RogersCATW 17 - CU 11(CATW by 6)
  ASSIST by Toni Tucker
09:02CUMISSED JUMPER by Chantel Roberts
  REBOUND (DEF) by Madison Hallman
08:51CATWGOOD! LAYUP by Terri RogersCATW 19 - CU 11(CATW by 8)
  ASSIST by Marshauna Butler
08:36CUTURNOVR by Mariah Coker
08:35CATWSTEAL by Marshauna Butler
08:31CATWMISSED JUMPER by Marshauna Butler
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mariah Coker
08:24CUGOOD! JUMPER by Chantel Roberts (fastbreak)CATW 19 - CU 13(CATW by 6)
  ASSIST by Dhyamond Crenshaw
08:15CATWMISSED JUMPER by Madison Hallman
07:57CUTURNOVR by Chantel Roberts
07:56CATWSTEAL by Toni Tucker
07:39CATWTURNOVR by Serena Brown
07:30CUMISSED 3 PTR by Jada Lee
  REBOUND (OFF) by Danielle Weldon
07:25CUMISSED 3 PTR by Mariah Coker
  REBOUND (OFF) by Joanne Williams
07:21CUMISSED LAYUP by Joanne Williams
  REBOUND (OFF) by Danielle Weldon
07:18CATWFOUL by Talia Barnes (P1)
07:18CATWTIMEOUT 30sec
07:18CUGOOD! FT SHOT by Danielle WeldonCATW 19 - CU 14(CATW by 5)
07:18CUGOOD! FT SHOT by Danielle WeldonCATW 19 - CU 15(CATW by 4)
06:59CATWMISSED 3 PTR by Madison Hallman
06:45CUGOOD! JUMPER by Chantel Roberts (in the paint)CATW 19 - CU 17(CATW by 2)
06:45CATWFOUL by Morgan Franklin (P1)
06:45CUGOOD! FT SHOT by Chantel RobertsCATW 19 - CU 18(CATW by 1)
06:25CATWGOOD! JUMPER by Marshauna ButlerCATW 21 - CU 18(CATW by 3)
  ASSIST by Morgan Franklin
06:13CATWFOUL by Serena Brown (P1)
06:13CUGOOD! FT SHOT by Danielle WeldonCATW 21 - CU 19(CATW by 2)
06:13CUMISSED FT SHOT by Danielle Weldon
  REBOUND (DEF) by Serena Brown
05:55CATWMISSED LAYUP by Terri Rogers
  REBOUND (OFF) by Marshauna Butler
05:53CUFOUL by Jada Lee (P1)
05:45CATWMISSED 3 PTR by Serena Brown
05:45CUBLOCK by Joanne Williams
05:44CATWGOOD! 3 PTR by Morgan FranklinCATW 24 - CU 19(CATW by 5)
  ASSIST by Serena Brown
05:19CUGOOD! JUMPER by Joanne Williams (in the paint)CATW 24 - CU 21(CATW by 3)
  ASSIST by Jada Lee
04:54CATWFOUL by Serena Brown (P2)
04:54CATWTURNOVR by Serena Brown
04:34CUMISSED 3 PTR by Jada Lee
04:32CUFOUL by Danielle Weldon (P1)
04:32CUTURNOVR by Danielle Weldon
04:08CATWGOOD! LAYUP by Shemya StanbeckCATW 26 - CU 21(CATW by 5)
03:49CUMISSED LAYUP by Dhyamond Crenshaw
  REBOUND (OFF) by Chantel Roberts
03:45CUGOOD! LAYUP by Chantel RobertsCATW 26 - CU 23(CATW by 3)
03:37CUFOUL by Danielle Weldon (P2)
03:33CATWTURNOVR by Terri Rogers
03:33CUSTEAL by Mariah Coker
03:15CUMISSED JUMPER by Chantel Roberts
  REBOUND (DEF) by Elizabeth Webb
03:06CATWMISSED 3 PTR by Marshauna Butler
  REBOUND (OFF) by Terri Rogers
03:02CATWGOOD! LAYUP by Terri RogersCATW 28 - CU 23(CATW by 5)
02:52CUGOOD! 3 PTR by Chantel RobertsCATW 28 - CU 26(CATW by 2)
  ASSIST by Jada Lee
02:36CUFOUL by Jada Lee (P2)
02:36CATWMISSED FT SHOT by Elizabeth Webb
02:36CATWMISSED FT SHOT by Elizabeth Webb
  REBOUND (DEF) by Chantel Roberts
02:22CUTURNOVR by Joanne Williams
02:01CATWMISSED JUMPER by Alexis Newbold
02:01CUBLOCK by Chantel Roberts
  REBOUND (DEF) by Dhyamond Crenshaw
01:57CUTURNOVR by Dhyamond Crenshaw
01:56CATWSTEAL by Shemya Stanbeck
01:33CATWGOOD! LAYUP by Terri RogersCATW 30 - CU 26(CATW by 4)
01:20CUMISSED JUMPER by Mariah Coker
01:19CATWFOUL by Alexis Newbold (P1)
01:19CUMISSED FT SHOT by Kaylah Henderson
01:19CUGOOD! FT SHOT by Kaylah HendersonCATW 30 - CU 27(CATW by 3)
01:01CATWMISSED JUMPER by Marshauna Butler
  REBOUND (DEF) by Joanne Williams
00:53CUGOOD! 3 PTR by Chantel Roberts (fastbreak)CATW 30 - CU 30Tied
  ASSIST by Mariah Coker
00:38CATWMISSED 3 PTR by Shemya Stanbeck
  REBOUND (OFF) by Madison Hallman
00:18CATWGOOD! LAYUP by Terri RogersCATW 32 - CU 30(CATW by 2)
00:05CUGOOD! JUMPER by Dhyamond Crenshaw (in the paint)CATW 32 - CU 32Tied
  ASSIST by Mariah Coker
00:00CATWGOOD! 3 PTR by Madison Hallman (fastbreak)CATW 35 - CU 32(CATW by 3)